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I had such a great experience with Sam and his team on my first refi, i reached out to him again this year. It's such a pleasure to work with a team of knowledgeable experts in their field. It really makes a difference. I'm a pretty busy professional, but I was able to receive, sign, transact, and correspond every single step of the process on my computer without ever taking extra time out from my schedule. Super convenient again, just like the first time. And i had just as many questions this time around as I did during my first refi, and Sam and Alexis addressed every single one of my questions which made me feel completely confident. I truly felt like I was taken care of in capable hands. Best part, I was done with the entire process in like like 4 to 5 weeks! It was super quick & easy. Pretty awesome. I'll definitely be referring Sam and team to my friends in the Bay Area. Thanks Sam & Alexis!

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